Organic viticulture is good for employment !

This week the 25th edition of Millésime Bio (biggest biologic wine fair in the world) took place in Marseille and according to a recent survey presented during this exhibition : organic viticulture creates employment in France.


This survey developed by UMR Moisa (Supagro Montpellier/Inra) shows the differences between conventional and biological viticulture through employment. Some points caught our attention :

-Full-time contracts are more often used

71,49% of employment are at full-time in organic exploitation against 66,83% for conventional exploitation

-Employees are also more qualified

 « Bio asks 50% more labour force, people more more qualified and also younger » explained Patrick Guiraud, president of the association Subvinbio, organiser of Millésime Bio. Moreover, women are attracted by this kind of farming.

-French organic viticulture is in good health !

The survey was realized on the basis of the 2010 agricultural census of 3,615 wine-producing farms distributed throughout France (70% of the total number of holdings in organic viticulture).

If organic viticulture represents nowadays only 9,9% of French vineyards, this king of viticulture knew a high growth this last years : from 2005 to 2015, organic vineyards’ surface has been multiplied by more than 3,5. You will find bellow the actual sharing out of organic viticulture in France.

Capture d’écran 2017-02-05 à 17.59.06.png



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