It can be difficult to choose a good bottle of wine properly when you are not expert. Here are some tips on how to choose your bottle in a quick glance.

First of all, it’s about defining when you’re going to drink the wine. Is it to offer? A feast meal ? A simple family dinner? These indications will guide you a minimum. Then do not rely on the price. One can find very good wines cheap, and bad at high prices.

But then, how to detect the good or bad quality of the wine? Well there is no magic formula, in the first place, it is necessary to inquire. Find out about the vintages, which are the best, why, ect.

To optimize your choice, and if you buy without any specific « goal » or offer, be sure to buy a bottle with some guard potential. It can be preserved for several years without losing its quality and even improving.

The ideal is to taste before you buy. That’s why we recommend going to a wine shop instead of a supermarket. In addition, the wine merchant can advise you, inform you.

Recognizing a bad wine is virtually impossible to see. One can recognize a bad bottle, for example a « pouring » bottle (the stopper is no longer hermetic and the wine can then flow out of the bottle). If the label is stained with wine and inside the bottle the liquid does not reach the neck, then you are dealing with a « sinker ». The question of corked wine arises regularly, unfortunately, impossible to unmask without opening the bottle.

If you have any doubts, turn to a safe value (unless you like the risk!), A recognized domain. But for that, you must know them! In the end, the whole thing is to learn well before, seek information from professionals, great enthusiasts, or even on the internet!


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