You want to be aware of the wine drinking trends for 2017 ? Read this !

2016 is just finished but we can already predict some trends for this new year which will make you enthusiast for sure !

      1. More and more wine apps …

Nowadays, any connected wine lover uses his smartphone to discover and learn about wine. Vivino, Drync or WineAdvisor … a lot of apps have been launched during the last few years and this can trouble consumers to choose the best for them.

Possibility to share discoveries, to rate a wine, to learn about wine-growing regions or specific winegrowers, to buy directly on the app, each app has its own specificity and that is making the difference for users but something is sure : new apps will see the day in 2017 for your happiness !


      2. Bio-dynamic and natural wines will gain popularity …

 Natural and bio-dynamic wines are winning the confidence of consumers. More and more winegrowers are sensible to this type of production.

This trend is a good thing for the environment and the health of all wine lovers !

      3. The development of the consumption of  sparkling wines … 

Sparkling wines -excepting Champagne- are popular thanks to Spanish Cava (using the same method than Champagne) and Italian Prosecco. The quality and the consumption of this kind of wines, more abordable than Champagne, are increasing all around the world and a new designation to identify higher-quality bottles, Cava de Paraje Calificado has just gone into effect.

      4. … but what about blue wine ? 

In 2016, a trend appeared with a new type of wine which attracted a lot of discords : the « blue wine ». This innovation has been introduced the last year by Gïk Blue Wine, a basque-based startup.

Everyone talked to this new color but does it will really be famous in the future ?

(source : Gïk live)

We wish you all the best for 2017 ! 




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