Welcome to sparkling Australia !


Board with us to Australia, but not any : the sparkling one !

It’s time to celebrate the new coming year with sparkling, why wouldn’t you choose Australian one ?

Australia is the fifth largest sparkling wine exporter for US$40 million, behind France and Italy with their very well-known Champagne and Prosecco. Australia is also the fifth importer of sparkling, mostly Champagne, for A$203 million !

Enough about figures, this is not a lecture, but a cool wine blog !


Can you imagine, just one second, that originally (during the Middle Ages) bubbles naturally taking place in a bottle were considered as a default to avoid !? It was a question of taste, not only a question of safety when bottles burst in the cellar and created injuries.

Australian sparkling wines can only be labelled « sparkling » if the bubbles in the bottle are derived from fermented sugar, rather than carbonation.


It exists two methods to make Australian sparkling, here they are :

  1. First is Traditional Method : the second fermentation takes place in the bottle. The wine is matured on  lees before riddling (hand-turning the bottles in order to encourage the lees to settle in the neck),  disgorgement, dosage and sealing the bottle.
  2. The second method is called « Transfer Method ». It is the same as the Traditional Method, except that after secondary fermentation in the bottle, the wine is placed into a special tank (resistant to pressure), and clarified before re-bottling it.


Have you ever taste Australian sparkling ? We did ! Here are some very good (and organic) wines we recommend you :

  1. Gardners Ground, Method Traditional, Chardonnay, 2012 : eighteen months on lees to produce this sparkling wine who « exhibits crisp granny smith apple and peach aromas, a delicate creaminess and fine spiralling beads » says the producer. New South Wales. A$25.
  2. Bionics, Organic One, Method Traditional,  Blanc De Blanc : « a medium gold sparkling with a delicate mousse and inviting aromas of lemon, quince and a slight mintiness…or maybe fennel seed. The palate is dry and rich with citrus, fig and warm spice. Leaves your mouth watering, wanting another sip » said Michelle Gadd of Organicwine.com.au 
  3. Spring Seed Wine Co, Sweet Pea Moscato, 2015 : with its delicate pale pink colour and subtle spritz from the surprising grape variety Muscat à Petits Grains (small berries Muscat), the ‘Sweet Pea Moscato’ shows hints of pink grapefruit, mandarin, rosewater and blood orange on the nose, leading onto to a fresh, balanced palate. Serve chilled in the glass and enjoy it alone as an aperitif or with dessert or a cheese plate. Sweet Pea is an ideal breakfast wine.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA0000439_organic-one-blanc-de-blanc-sparkling-nv0001081_spring-seed-sweet-pea-moscato-2015


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