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On this special day, we wish you a merry Christmas. For this unique moment, we decided to offer you also a rather unique article that corresponds to this moment of sharing and cheerfulness.


Here are some tips and tricks on wine:

1– During the meal it is important to use the wines from the youngest to the oldest vintages. Obviously, we must also make sure that the oldest bottle is also the best, as the proverb says « the best for the end ».

2– It is imperative to remove your bottle from the cellar the day before your meal so that the deposit can fall at the bottom, once the bottle is lifted.

– To know if you need to decant a wine, it is good to open it a few hours before, to taste it and to either leave the bottle open, to decant it or to replace the cork.

4– For your information here are the different service temperatures: for a red (16 ° -18c °), and for a white and a champagne (13 ° -15 ° c).

5– To keep an already open wine it is important to use an extractor cork, in Vacuvin style, but also to put your bottle in the refrigerator since the cold slows the oxidation


Here are 5 tips and tricks that will be very useful to you to celebrate Christmas with your family and that you will be able to use of course for the 31 and for all your meals to come.

The Wine upon a Time team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

As the Latin proverb says: « Wine is the mirror of man, he makes appear what is in the bottom of the soul »

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