Bordeaux tasting 2016

Last week-end, Edouard was in Bordeaux for the annual bordeaux tasting where, during two days, about 8,000 wine lovers came to taste and discover fine wines.

Terre de Vins-Tasting Bordeaux- 10et11 Décembre 2016.

This year was the 5th edition of the event and it was divided between 5 places for 5 themes around the « place de la Bourse » : “la bulle” at the center of « place de la Bourse » for Bordeaux and Bordeaux Sup, foreign wines at the “Musée des Douanes”, Pomerol’s at the restaurant “ le Gabriel”, le Palais de la Bourse for 120 fine Bordeaux and other regions in the XVIII’s living room at the 1st floor.

For the first time, a place reserved to Champagne permitted visitors to meet and taste 25 Champagne houses at l’Espace St-Rémi.


This event, sponsorised by “Terres de vin” offers each year the possibility to discuss with brand ambassadors and with the affluence of the 5 editions, they decided to launch a first “Lyon Tasting” on the 14 and 15 october 2017.

Several surprises and discoveries during the event like “The Winemarker collection” by Chateau d’Arsac, a cuvee made each year by a different winemaker one the same terroir and this nabuchodonosor 1996 of a capacity of 15 liters by Château de Chevalier.

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