L’Aventure Winery – Paso Robles – California

For the second post, we’ve decided to take you part of a trip of us.
We invite you to discover the other side of the Atlantic, on the west coast, California.
Just between San Francisco and Los Angeles, at three-hours drive from each one, Paso Robles is probably the best road trip for a wine connoisseur.
Vines draw the amazing landscape as a unique and the most beautiful region in the world.
When I arrived at Paso Robles I immediately found my feet in the vines without even seeing a piece of the city. I found myself in « L’Aventure Winery ».

The American vineyard with a French touch. I met the whole team and the owner and winemaker: Stephan Asseo.
Its history is in fact the reflection of the name and spirit of vineyard « L’aventure »
After having lived many years in Bordeaux in France to work in the wine industry, Stephan Asseo decided to create his own wine and turn a back on all the tyranny of French AOC laws. He changed the game on the Central Coast on producing with creative blends at time when most California wineries were primarily focused on single-varietal wines.
As the story goes, he fell in love with the unique terroir and relocated his family to the region. The unique and new wine cellar, digging in the mountain of vine makes it an extraordinary place. Many French varieties are planted. They draw the vineyard of « L’Aventure » as a desert of green sand.
His L’Aventure Winery has a cult following of fans who appreciate its high quality and unique Wine.
On roadtrip or passing through, don’t hesitate to visit it and taste their wonderful and unique wine.
The tasting room is open every day by appointment only.
Let yourself be guided away for an hour for a total discovery in the heart of a vineyard with wine enthusiasts.
In the meantime to be there, came to discover and follow their world on Facebook and on their Web Site.

Thanks to the whole team and especially Sophia & at all Asseo’s Familly!

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