A week end in Cahors


For the first time write, we’ve decided to take you part of one of our trips !

We’ve had the chance to be received by the Cahors wines inter-profession. Well known for its incredible know-how for Malbec, , this little town of the Lot (departement of Sth-Wst of France) taught us how to enjoy its grape variety  and its such unique terroir. With a surface of 4500ha, AOC Cahors offers us five types of terroir : 1st terrasse, 2nd terrasse, 3nd terrasse, limestone cree, and « Causse », which is the highest part of the vines.

But, I didn’t even told you about this so particular grape variety : Malbec. He’s also known in Argentina, but he’s the King in Cahors. He permitted the expansion Of Cahors AOC for his so unique aromas. He’s always got a dark color, we used to call him « black wine » before. This grape variety’s impetuous and has got a real temperament. He produces solid wines, fruity but strong in the mouth. He’s like a rugby player. But, like a rugby player, he’s a bit feminine sometimes : a great acidity often gives him a good freshness, and a pleasant ageing potential.


With no recognition from the consumers, Cahors wines inter-profession wished to invite us to discover the treasures hidden all around this appellation in order to turn us into Cahors brand ambassadors. No hesitation, we’ve been well received (Cf : Cahors Weekend Aftermovie) : we discovered all the good spots of the appellation. We have to say that Cahors region’s one of the most beautiful wine regions we visited : sloppy vines mixed with forests give a very enjoyable frame for a stay. If you visit Cahors, you also have to see the famous Valentré bridge as much as a lot of amazing Châteaux : Château du Cèdre, Château Lagrezette, Château de Chambert & Clos Triguedina.

After a lot, oh yes a lot of tastings, we can say that Cahors can proudly wear his colors and really deserves a true recognition for his unique wines.

Our advise for today : drive to you favorite wine shop to buy a bottle of Cahors, or if it’s possible, drive to Cahors and meet some winemakers and have a sit in the « Cahors Malbec Lounge » !


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